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Join more than 50+ entrepreneurs who use PPA Framework to PEAKED on Plant Power 

BUST THROUGH the myths of PLANT-BASED FITNESS. Our PROVEN strategies will guide you through the process of building a STRONG, HEALTHY body while contributing to a SUSTAINABLE, CRUELTY-FREE world.

We are so excited to let you in on the system that has helped more than 50+ working professionals just as busy as you!

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Here's what you get:

As part of our current revamp we are offering the Personalised Plant Power Program. This includes -

  • PPA ​Workout Plan: Exclusively tailored to you £150
  • PPA Nutrition PlanTo fit your food preferences £150
  • ​​PPA Assessment Call:  Book a Plant Power Empower Hour £200

Total value: £500

Today Just: £0


Plant Power Plan

Have you been feeling SLUMPED lately?

Is it even possible without the HEAPS and HEAPS of chicken and other meat products that are supposedly helping my fitness journey? 


 With our Plant-based Program, our clients have lost weight, gained muscle, and MASSIVELY improved energy levels on a plant-based diet.

  • ​Credibility: I have worked with over 200 clients to help improve their wellbeing with a Plant Powered Lifestyle.
  • AuthorityI have been following this for over 10 years now and am yet to see any downside compared to my old lifestyle.
  • Benefit: I will only be able to run this FREE offer for a limited time. It is my small gift for you during the current revamp of PPA.

Let's build a body that resembles your business success!


Why our Students Love us!

"I can't recommend Adam enough!"

In the first session I did with them, they told me things I was never told before. The exercise and nutrition planning are working from day 1, and I'm really happy with the results I have achieved so far.

- Marta Fdz

"I'm glad I took the plunge and asked for help."

The support is undeniably beneficial. I loved that they got excited with me for my little achievements.

- Bec Needs

"Really happy to see my body changing in better."

I need to thank Adam for teaching me to believe that
I can reach my goals and for his support! Great job!

- Simona Pascucci

"He is such an awesome PT"

I have seen improvements from the first week and the energy
that he bring helps get you through. He brings an incredible knowledge base of not only the fitness industry but also nutrition. The way he adapts the training to you specific needs and wants
but also the meal plans to help you along and keep
everything in check. Adam is definitely a PT that I would recommend to help you with your goals.

- Geovanny Diaz

Real Power is Compassion

At Plant Power Academy, we specialise in fitness coaching for busy professionals, entrepreneurs and other leaders who are seeking optimal health and performance but may be unsure about the benefits of going plant-based. Our passionate team of experts understands the unique demands and challenges of entrepreneurial life, and we are here to guide you on your journey to vibrant health and success.

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