Here's What Our Students Are Saying...

"I'd highly recommend you meet Adam and discuss your fitness goals!"

He's very helpful and customises the training to your needs and lifestyle, plus he pushes you to get to your goals with the right mix of motivation and guidance. What I've found particularly useful is that he takes great pain to explain the reasons rather than just share high level instructions. So over time I've learnt so much about nutrition, posture and fitness concepts.

- Prerna Dhawan

"Couldn’t recommend him more!!"

Very warm and friendly yet good at pushing you more than you would push yourself, while not overdoing it.
He was also very flexible which was so vital with me having meetings move around so much at work making things awkward, so that was a massive help.
He also offers nutritional advice should you want it, but isn’t pushy and appreciates we all have a life to live so can suggest compromises. He is more than willing to suggest training programmes away from your sessions and even provide videos.

- Peter Feltham

"Thank you team for standing by me all this time!"

I wanted to take a moment to drop a note to share how much Adam has helped me. The programme is designed to be seamlessly slipped into your life; to help you make lifestyle changes for the long term. Adam has helped me make some really large steps towards some long term goals, while teaching me the skills to take with me.
Thank you team for standing by me all this time. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this journey will take me!
Thank you Adam.

- Bec Needs

"Fantastic, absolutely love that it has videos for each exercise and an explanation."

It has made it easier to stay on track while traveling, which for me is a huge bonus!
Adam has been super helpful and encouraging and definitely has made me more motivated to train.

- Emily Louise

"I can't recommend Adam enough!"

 In the first session I did with them, they told me things I was never told before. The exercise and nutrition planning are working from day 1, and I'm really happy with the results I have achieved so far.

- Marta Fdz

"He really is a great PT!"

Adam tailors sessions to meet your goals. He never makes/tells you to do anything rather informs you of the benefits/disadvantages of various approach to empower you to make better informed decisions that work with your lifestyle. His workouts vary so never become repetitive and he is always on hand to offer support and advice. He really is a great PT.

- Kaval Rox


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