Why Fitness Fads DON’T work...

Monday, October 09, 2023

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Why Fitness Fads DON’T work...

How to avoid falling for them!

I still remember when I was young, seeing a commercial on TV for the ‘Ab King’...

It was incredible; ripped guys & girls in incredible physiques and the promise of having more defined abs within just a few minutes a day.

Sign me up! Right?

The reality is, these shortcut, quick fix, magic pill tactics don’t work.

The fundamentals are there for a reason, we wouldn’t look for shortcuts to building a house, why do we consider them when it comes to our fitness.

Here are just some products that have lied about their marketing and what their products do:

Waist Trainer - The presumption that this product will work your waist with no effort while you focus on something else.

Juice Detox - Your body does a really good job at detoxing when you aren’t binging on certain foods.

Vibrating belts - If this had any truth behind it, all motorcyclists would have jacked back side. Vibrations do nothing but provide a sensation post use.

7-minutes abs - The body requires progressive overload, 7 minutes compared to nothing is progress but will hit a plateau very soon.

Diet Pills - Usually containing laxatives, caffeine and other appetite suppressant which just bandaid the real problem.

Sauna suits - The assumption that sweating causes fat loss again would mean that there would be no overweight regular sauna users

What needs to be understood here is that the reason companies are allowed to sell products like these comes down to their marketing, there would be nothing inherent about these products if they were sold for what they are….a waste of money towards anything fitness related.

Avoiding the fundamentals is just delaying the process:

Put in the Work/Reps
Use correct Progressive Overload Technique
Be consistent - One day/week is not enough
Stick to the plan - it’s there for a reason

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