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Common Misconception:

Meat Dairy Eggs = ONLY way to Build Muscle 

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Here At Plant Power Academy We Help Entrepreneurs To Boost Energy So That Get The Body They Deserve And Appear The Leader In Every Room They Enter.

All WITHOUT The Moral and Ethical Weight Of Eating Animals Or The Environment On Their Shoulders!! 

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Adam Saez

I have worked with over 200+ clients in and out of my gym in London. I embraced the plant-based lifestyle over 6 years ago and helped transform all his clients on a purely plant based diet.   

When I started my fitness journey, I followed the typical path of subscribing to the Gym Bro Lifestyle. I tried KILLING myself in the weights room, drinking GALLONS of milk, eating HEAPS of chicken, but saw little progress. I added protein shakes (I used to think it was like taking steroids lol), but only saw minor improvements.

It wasn't until I tried a flexible, sustainable diet that things finally CLICKED. I realised those unrealistic, restrictive diets were the true enemy! Then I finally figured out that I could eat whatever I wanted without harming animals, and everything changed! I discovered how to build insane amounts of SIZE and STRENGTH. I also discovered how BOOST my energy levels and CLEAR my skin.

This took me 4 years of inefficient training, 6 years of terrible eating habits, and THOUSANDS of pounds to figure out. I want to help you build a body you're proud of, without the pain and frustration I endured. One that reflects your success, without falling into the TRAP of meat-based protein pushed by the industry.

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Are you

Struggling To Maintain Energy Throughout The Day?


Does This Sound Like You?

Are you trying to live a more sustainable, animal-friendly, and energy-boosted lifestyle? Because you're not alone on this path. You have a supportive community, expert guidance, and resources at your disposal, ensuring that every step is a step toward the life you've been dreaming of. If you're ready to unlock boundless energy without compromising your body, this PPA is your answer. It's not a compromise; it's a revelation. This is your invitation to a life-changing journey.

  • Do you feel like you lack the belief in yourself to make a lasting lifestyle change towards plant-based and sustainable living?
  • Does it seem like you have no outside help or resources to guide you on your path to a more sustainable and animal-friendly lifestyle?
  • Are you frustrated that... the world around you hasn't fully embraced the sustainable, compassionate lifestyle you yearn for, leaving you feeling disconnected from your values?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you... find yourself torn between the desire for a more vibrant, cruelty-free existence and the fear that achieving that ideal might mean sacrificing your body's health and vitality?


What others are saying about us

"I will never forget these 5 days my whole life ❤️❤️"

I would like to share with you my impression about having 5 days on plant products , I really liked it at it helps me eat more healthy foods and snacks and I'm really proud of myself, I'm happy that I knew Adem Saez and the group members too.


" It's been awesome!"

 Been working with Adam for the last 4 weeks, and I've had a big shift in my mental clarity, and overall physical wellbeing for the better. he is incredibly knowledgeable and a great motivator for those who aren't feeling like they're in the right frame of mind to train - it's been awesome!


"I can't recommend Adam enough!"

In the first session I did with them, they told me things I was never told before. The exercise and nutrition planning are working from day 1, and I'm really happy with the results I have achieved so far.


"He really is a great PT!"

Adam tailors sessions to meet your goals. He never makes/tells you to do anything rather informs you of the benefits/disadvantages of various approach to empower you to make better informed decisions that work with your lifestyle. His workouts vary so never become repetitive and he is always on hand to offer support and advice. 



Plant Powered Progress

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Saturday, October 07, 2023

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